EarPods Max Headset

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Wear detection function

Automatically detect the headphone usage state, when the headphone is removed, the audio will be automatically paused, and when it is put back on, it will automatically resume playback.

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Mesh headband design

The dome on the headband of the headset is made of tight and breathable fabric, which helps distribute weight and reduce pressure on the head.

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Concave fabric earmuffs 

The inside of the earmuffs adopts a concave structure, which greatly increases the movement space of the ears. When using, it will not produce a feeling of pressure. The outer layer is covered with a special mesh fabric. When listening to music, your ears seem to rest on the headphone.

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One Piece Telescopic Sleeve Rod

 Buy Now EarPods Max adopts a one-piece molding process, which is not only beautiful and elegant, but also solves the risk of electric shock caused by exposed wires. The internal cushioning material can smoothly extend and stabilize in the desired position, and will always fit well when used.


Packing list

 Wireless Stereo Earphone Type-C Charging Cable Headphone Cable 


Long battery life | Fast charging

400mAh polymer battery, built-in protection chip, up to 12 hours of hearing life, can meet the needs of long-distance travel pIt can be played continuously for about 2.5 hours after charging for about 10 minutes, which can solve emergency charging needs.

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Rebound Earmuffs

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 The ear cups are carefully made of acoustic sponges, and the 35° swing bump can be close to the ears for the greatest extent.

Note: Charging compartment battery capacity 400mAh

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