Portable Charger - Power Bank Ultra

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Cor: Branco
Capacidade: 10000mAh
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Take the freedom to charge your devices anywhere, anytime with our powerful Power Bank Ultra Portable Charger.

With the ability to charge up to two cellular devices simultaneously, this portable charger is perfect for those who are always on the go and need to keep all their devices at full power.

With three different ports, you'll never run out of options for charging your favorite devices.

Never worry about dead batteries again while traveling, outdoor adventures or even at the office. Our compact and lightweight portable charger fits easily into your backpack, purse or pocket, ensuring you're always ready for action.

Enjoy the convenience of multiple ports, including USB, USB-C, and Micro-USB, that adapt to a wide range of devices, from smartphones to tablets and more.

Get our Power Bank Ultra portable charger now and have the freedom to charge your devices wherever you go. Never run out of power again!

Power Bank Ultra Features

✅  10,000 mA capacity to charge your cellular devices multiple times

✅  Three different inputs (USB, USB-C and Micro-USB) for greater versatility and compatibility with a wide range of devices.

✅  Ability to charge up to two cellular devices simultaneously, saving time and allowing you to keep all your devices at full power.

✅  Compact, lightweight design makes it easy to carry in your backpack, bag, or even pocket, ensuring you're always ready to charge your devices on the go.


Product: Power Bank Ultra

• Battery: Lithium Polymer

• Capacity: 10,000mAh

• Internal Battery Capacity: 3.7V/10000mAh 37wh

• Entrada: Micro USB Dc 5v 2a

• Nominal Output: =6300mAh =31.5Wh

• Dual USB Output: 5v 2.1a, 5v 2.1a

• Saida: DC5V 2.1A (built in cable) / DC5V 2.1A (usb port)

• Standby Battery Duration: 5000h

• Life Cycle: 500 Recharges (1 Recharge = From 0 to 100)

• Working Temperature: 0°C to 40°C

• Power Bank Charging Time: 3•5 hours

• Cable Measurement: 5cm

• Dimensions: 156 x 77 x 12 mm

• Peso: 180g

• Available in colors: Black and white

The package includes:

  • 1x Portable Charger - Power Bank Ultra

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