Watch Ultra 2 Series 9 Smart Watches Men and Women Bluetooth Call IP68 Waterproof

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1. 320*380 Pixels Full Touch Screen Full Touch Screen

2.Also can make the clock. Available

3.Working time 3-5 days, standby 7-15 days, working time 3-5 days

4.Intelligent dual screen display of 5 UI style options.


Bluetooth Call/Message Notification/Call Reminder/Multiple Sports Modes/Message Reminder/Call Reminder/Smart Voice Assistant/Multiple Sports Modes/GPS Tracking Watch/Breath Monitor/Pedometer/Heart Rate/Heart Monitoring Sleep/Sedentary Reminder/Finding/Photo Control/Music Control/Alarm Reminder/Alarm Reminder/Music Control/15+IP67; Waterproof Reminder/Alarm Clock Reminder/Self Control Reminder/Music Control/15+Language, Etc. More functions are waiting for you! Explore


Finish/Turkish/Chinese/Filipino/Dianese/Polish/Italian/German/Turkish/Russian/Czech/Hungarian/Greek/Filipino/Malaysia/Dianese/Portuguese/Italian/German/Turkish/Tussaro/Arabic/Chinese/Filipino/ Malay/Indonesian/Persian/Vietnamese/Vietnamese/Tai

How to use Bluetooth calling??

Support dual signal to use. Need to connect twice as needed to connect

1 Typing

Qr Code Available. Bluetooth phone. Find and Device in the App. Confirm Connection

Arrange 2

Check the Device Name on the Watch to See the Device Information), Select the Cell Phone Bluetooth Connection and Device (See the Device Name on the Watch to See the Information; Device Settings) And Select the Connection and Pairing. Support for Bluetooth Cell Phones Calls Synchronization With Common Contacts for Cell Phones.

Packing list:
smart watch smart watch

Ocean Fist
Charging Charger

#8ultra Watch
#Sports Sports#Fitness Fitness

Charge first. The Watch has Low Battery Two Designs for Long Shipping Time. Please see the product code Before using the app and connect the watch before use, please download the app and connect the app in the guide.

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