Watch Series 8 Ultra Smart Watch

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Tela HD 49mm

Anti-scratch/Waterproof/Ultra Powerful



With your SmartWatch Series 8 you can find the functions of your smartphone (iPhone or Android) directly from your watch!



Robust, elegant and powerful, Series 8 Ultra made of titanium steel, with technology resistant to falls and scratches! Use it without fear during the day or in your favorite sports.


With IP68 waterproof protection, water resistant and dustproof! Use in everyday life or in any extreme sport, in any weather!

Receive Calls

High-quality speakers, One-click service.

Integrated Voice Assistant

Send voice commands directly to your Smartphone


Rotary Knob

Navigate Smart Watch menus more easily and quickly. Rotate and select the desired menu.

Heart Rate Monitoring

24-hour heart rate monitoring, care for your heart health at any time.


ECG Monitoring

The ECG on the Smart Watch uses electrical sensors, which are located on the back of the watch.

Blood pressure

Real-time Blood Pressure Monitoring.


Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Monitors and analyzes blood flow for better health data.


Sleep Monitoring

Accurately monitor your sleep quality at different stages.


Long Battery Life

Strong Performance

220mAh battery

AX Intelligent Processor

128mb memory

Bluetooth 5.0

 10 days
Daily Use Mode

20 days
Economy Mode

5 days
Sports Mode

Multisport mode

It has 11 types of sports, there is always something you will like.


-The smartwatch is compatible with my smartphone? Yes, it is compatible with any smartphone as it has the new bluethooth 5.0

-Is it possible to answer calls and respond to messages using the smartwatch? Yes, it is possible. Both calls and answering and seeing notifications via the smartwatch.

-How monitoring physical activities and health works on a smartwatch? The Watch Series 8 Ultra has a state-of-the-art sensor that can monitor your health and send you reports through detectors.

-What is the battery life of the smartwatch and how to recharge it? The duration depends on the mode the Watch Series 8 Ultra is in, in daily use mode it lasts 10 days, in economic mode, 20 days and in sports mode, 5 days. Watch Series 8 Ultra has the latest inductive charging technology, i.e, no need to connect any wires to the clock, just touch the base that comes with it and it will charge.

-Is the smartwatch water resistant? Can I use it while swimming? Yes, the Watch Series 8 Ultra has IP68 protection that can withstand up to 20 meters underwater for as long as necessary, and is also resistant to dust and strong knocks!

-It is possible to customize the interfaces and applications on the smartwatchYes, it is possible to change the interface of the Watch Series 8 Ultra using the button in the home menu, and you can even leave it completely the same as the Apple watch.

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