Electric Pan Mondial MultiCook Red 1200W PE-28 220V

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Electric Pan Mondial Multicook Red PE-28 220V The PE-28 Electric Cooker is round and multifunctional. With temperature control up to 240° C, its 30 CM smooth grill has a capacity of 3L and is non-stick: it doesn't stick, requires no oil and has 1200W of power. Use to heat, bake, toast, gratin, grill and prepare rice, meatballs, paella, risotto, vegetables, grilled, roasted, pizzas, everything very quickly. With a non-stick coating, you can grill without butter or oil, making food healthier and without losing flavor. Its heat-resistant handles protect your hands so you don't get burned. Its tempered glass lid prevents splashes, making food ready faster, as well as allowing you to monitor the preparation of your recipes. It has a steam release valve so you don't burn yourself when you lift the lid. It is best for home use. All of this with a 1-year Worldwide warranty. Mondial is the choice of millions of consumers. CHARACTERISTICS -Temperature control and operating indicator light: From 40° to 240°C, different temperatures for you to choose the ideal one for each type of food, ensuring better results - the pilot light indicates the device's operation. -Non-stick coating: You can grill without adding oil, the food is healthier and retains its flavor. -Multipurpose pan with 1200W of power: Prepares rice, meatballs, paella, risottos, vegetables, grilled meats, roasts, pizzas and much more, all very quickly. -Smooth 30cm grid with 3 liter capacity, greater depth and heat-resistant handles: Allows the preparation of pizzas, lasagna, fish and other foods that require a large pan, the cold handles guarantee protection during preparation. -Tempered glass lid with steam outlet valve: Prevents splashes and the food is ready faster. In addition to allowing you to monitor the preparation. -1 year warranty: The round electric pan was designed to provide high performance, making it the best option for those looking for practicality. For residential use. TECHNICAL INFORMATION -Model:PE-28 -Color:Red -Voltage (Voltage):220V -Items included: 01 Electric Pan - Instruction Manual -Cooker Type:Round Electric Cooker -Material:PP -Capacity:3L -Power:1200W -Inner lining:Yes -Product action:Heating, roasting, toasting, browning, grilling and preparing food. -Indicator light:Yes -Steam cooking accessory:No -Measuring spoon and cup:No -Power: Electricity -Warranty: 1 year -Cable length: 1.50m DIMENSION -Product dimensions:34.5cm x 34.7cm x 11cm (HxWxD) -Product weight: 2,300kg

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