Powerful Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker with RGB LED Subwoofer TWS Wireless Stereo XDG-96 XTRAD Brand

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Code: XDG-96

Get the party started with the new XDG-96. With its high quality music and its modern design. Liven up the party with its RGB LED effects that interact with your sound!

Technical specifications

Bluetooth: 5.0
Distance: up to 10m
Driver: 2x Ø3”
Power: 2 x 5W RMS
Sensitivity: ≥ 60dB
Frequency response rate: 100 ~ 18,000hz
Battery: 2.400mAh
Playback time: @80% volume up to 2h
Recharge time: Until 3am
Food: DC 5v
Dimension (A x L x C): 28.5*15.5*15.0
Peso: 1162g


TWS is a function that allows you to connect another box to your device.
To use TWS mode, turn on the device and do not connect it to a Bluetooth device. Hold the Mode button until it beeps to indicate that the XDG-96 is available for connection. Repeat the process on another XDG-96 and wait for the devices to connect.
Leds RGB
The XDG-96 speaker has an LED system that reacts depending on the volume of the music.
Switch between 3 available lighting modes. 
Available entries:
USB, SD Card, Microphone and a Micro-Usb 5v charging port
1 - “LED” Click to change the LED lighting mode. Click and hold for 3 seconds to turn on/off.
2 - “MODE” Click and switch between modes (BT, USB/SD and FM). Click and hold to turn on/off TWS mode.
3 - “Back/Volume down” Press once to go back to the song or station/ Press and hold to decrease the volume. 
4 - “Play/Pause” In Bluetooth and USB/SD mode, click to pause/play music. In FM mode, click to automatically synchronize stations.
5 - “Next/Volume Up” Press once to go to the next song or station/ Press and hold to increase the volume. 
6 - “EQ” Click to change the equalization mode.
Clean with a dry cloth, do not get wet. Keep the product away from children.
Keep the product in a dry place out of direct sunlight. 
Do not place near heat or water sources. Do not wash, wet or submerge in water.
Do not charge for more than 10 hours continuously, this action will reduce battery life.
Charge the battery for up to 3 hours on first use to get a full charge.
Do not connect external amplifiers to the speaker, risk of damage!!!
Do not use the speaker as a support or support for any object.
Do not open or repair the speaker. Risk of electric shock and void of warranty.

Problems solution

Nor energy
Check that the button is in the “ON” position. If it is on, turn off the device and connect the power cord and recharge the speaker for at least 1 hour.
No sound when playing music
Check if there is a connection to the device being played or Bluetooth. Check that the volume is set to minimum.
Memory card or USB stick without sound
Remove and connect again.
Check if the memory card or pendrive has compatible files.
Turn the speaker off and on.
Noise in the speaker
The speaker has a noise reduction system, but in some cases, the sound device produces noise beyond the speaker's reduction capacity. If this occurs, disconnect and connect the device to the speaker.
Speaker magnetism
The speaker has a powerful magnet that may cause magnetic interference with some devices. Keep the speaker at least 1 meter away from electronic devices, such as monitors and magnetic cards.

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