men's ripped denim shorts, destroyed style slim fit

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To be able to make the purchase, you will only need to select one size and one color, but the others you want must be informed in the questions field before purchasing or in the message field immediately after purchasing approval.


ILLUSTRATIVE PHOTOS, not that the model is different from the photos, the pieces are the same model, with different denim tones, between light, medium and dark.
But there is no way to choose the piece in the photo, as our suppliers do not always produce the same pieces, but with each production they update the pieces, innovating in the design of each one, because we have several customers who always buy and demand these variations in the pieces, and To meet them, we make these different models. In addition to the fact that the stock is very rotating due to our suppliers supplying hundreds of sellers, and there is no way to produce such an exorbitant quantity of pieces that are all the same as each other, that is, all the same as those in the advertisement.

Remembering that they are in the style of the advertisement, but not the same pieces.

Then it’s up to you to choose the tone of the piece and the size.

COLORS; Light jeans, medium jeans and dark jeans. 
in denim we have black, caramel, white, and red

BRANDS; Assorted and varied among those shown in the images in the advertisement.

SIZES; 36 to 48.

MATERIAL; Jeans e brim

They are small, so we recommend ordering one size larger. Knowing this, WE DO NOT MAKE EXCHANGES if the size you requested arrives but is tight.


We work during BUSINESS HOURS, please respect this! When you ask a question or send a message and don't get an answer right away, it's not because of a lack of interest in you, as we care about answering you, so wait until someone on our team responds, as we have a great demand for messages and questions to answer and we respond on a first-come, first-served basis. Remembering that we have an extensive list of announcements, it's not just this one.

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