Smartwatch HW8 Ultra Max Watch 8 Ultra Series 8 IWO Launch 2023 Original Smart Watch with Ocean Bracelet 3D Film 49mm Alpine Bracelet

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Smartwatch HW8 Ultra Max Watch 8 Ultra Series 8 IWO Launch 2023 Original Smart Watch with Ocean Bracelet 3D Film 49mm Alpine Bracelet NOTE: PLAGIATING OUR ADVERTISING, SUBJECT TO COMPLAINT Main functions: - Screen 2.05 inches square screen 240 * 296-tft - Induction Charging - Bracelet Lock - Customizable Wallpaper - Make and answer phone calls - Receive social media notifications - Heart Rate Monitor - Quick Shortcuts On Screen; - Change Bracelet; - 3 Functional Side Buttons; - Crown with Rotating function available; - NFC System Available (NO PAYMENT) - Frequent Contacts; - Call History - Voice Assistant - Step Monitor - Color Monitor - Km monitor - Sleep Monitor - Breathing Training App - Heart Rate Monitor - Blood Pressure Monitor - Blood oxygen monitor - ECG Monitor - Menstrual Cycle Monitor - Calculator - Music Player - Sports Monitor - Business Card * Security Security is also a factor. Having a smartwatch can offer the user, in many moments, peace of mind. This is because with the watch it is possible to view cell phone applications without using it. This way, you run less risk of having your cell phone stolen. * Make and receive calls Smartwatches are capable of receiving, making calls and even rejecting calls, just like a smartphone. On some devices, the mechanism works in conjunction with your cell phone's Bluetooth. Therefore, you must consider the distance you will be from your device. If you are nearby, you can answer via your watch. Some smartwatches allow you to answer via the watch and speak through headphones. But, depending on the smartwatch model, if you don't want to use the speakerphone, you will have to pick up the phone to talk. One of the advantages of this smartwatch benefit is that you can easily ignore a call, especially when you are driving or busy with another specific task Screen: 2.05 inches - square screen - 240 * 296 - TFT Body material: zinc alloy body + IML bottom shell System requirements: android5.0+ / ios10.0+ The main chip: hs6621pg Memory: 128MB Bluetooth version: 5.2 Battery Capacity: 200mAh Usage time: about 2-3 day Charging mode: wireless charging Button: 3 (third button customization) Local dial: 6 Menu style: 4 Dial Market: 50+ App: Wearfit Pro LANGUAGES: English (default), French, Arabic, German, Indonesian, Italian, Malay, Farsi, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Czech, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, Greek, Filipino, Thai, Chinese, Dutch, Ukrainian, Swedish, Hungarian INCLUDED ITEMS 1X HW8 ULTRA MAX Smart Watch 1X Charger 1X Original box 1X User Manual 1X Ocean Bracelet 1X Alpine Bracelet (Optional) 1X 3D Film 49mm Attention When Charging Your Watch: 1. Do not charge in a humid and watery environment 2. Make sure the back of the watch is in clean and complete contact with the surface of the wireless charger 3. Use a clean cloth to wipe the back of the watch and the back of the wireless charger regularly to ensure that the watch and the back of the wireless charger are in full contact to ensure normal charging; 4. This product is not equipped with a power adapter. To ensure the safety of your family and property, you can use a computer USB interface or choose a power adapter with an output of NO MORE than 5V 1A when charging. 5. Before first use, charge your smartphone's connector for 4 hours in the non-turbo adapter socket

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